BB King’s Orlando

Found my way to BB King’s Nightclub at Point Orlando this weekend.  Also foind am amazing band.  Sure, there is overlay of tourist-driven stage antics: birthday shout outs and showcasing tje patrons for outrageous dance moves.  More than that, the band had great heart.  They combined easy access tunes with pure energy.  Each song they played had a bit of their own signature and consequently, morw than enough vibe to keep the house rocking.  The dance floor was packed and the patrons shared everything they could with both the band and the DJ.  Incidentally,  the DJ played some great dance vibes and kept tje vibe alive.  The club is dark and the vibe is real.  Sure, there maybe a band in town you jave been waiting 8 months to see, but whenever you want a great night on i, the spir of the moment…go see these folks!


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